This is the Library Database of the E&P Sound & Marine Life JIP.  It provides access to Project Reports, Peer-Reviewed Publications, Factsheets, Videos and other outputs from JIP-funded research.

The Database allows full flexibility to search for entries by, for example: research category, keyword/topic, organisation or author/Principal Investigator.   The File Link launches a ‘pdf’ version of the document.   In the event that a peer-reviewed publication is currently not ‘open access’, the link provides access to the abstract.

Please follow this link to access the Database.

The latest updates to the Library Database include:

  • Houser, D., Yost, W., Burkard, R., Finneran, J. et al. (2017).  A review of the history, development and application of auditory weighting functions in humans and marine mammals. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 141: 1371-1413.
  • Sills, J., Southall, B., Reichmuth, C. (2017).  The influence of temporally varying noise from seismic air guns on the detection of underwater sounds by seals. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 141: 996-1008